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Ace is an Australian rally car who inspired Thomas to become the first engine to travel the world.



Ace is a rally car, who can be a bit full of himself. He thinks he is cool and clever too and expects the admiration and support of everyone around him. If it is not about him, he is not likely to be interested. Ace is a thrill-seeker, who lives for speed and loves to drive dangerously - ironically, though, he has a phobia of both animals and water. He can also rather manipulative, as shown when he convinced Thomas to ditch Nia while traveling around the world. However, he soon learned that what he did then was wrong, and thanks to Thomas, he soon got over his fear of animals.


Ace is based on a hard top America spec Triumph Spitfire 1500 with a roof rack for his spare tyre, as well as lights from a Triumph GT6 from 24 Hours of Le Mans.


Ace is painted yellow with white stripes and silver wheels, along with a four-leaf clover painted in a white circle. His number "43" is painted on his doors in black with white lines around the black "43".



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